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About Us

Our Story

The first announcement of Denton Juneteenth was published in 1892, although we have only rewritten transcripts of this we can conclude that the celebration of freedom began before then with the announcement of the Emancipation Proclamation (1863) reached TX in 1865. Denton was founded in the 1850s but was not Incorporated until 1866. In 1870, 32 blacks resided amongst the small population of 361 but it soon rapidly grew.

As we know, Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech that we all have embraced. It expressed values we all should strive for. Today, the Denton Juneteenth Committees across the United States strive to unify our communities within as we reach out to the external communities so that we may cohesively make a greater impact in one another lives. Since the early 1970’s the City of Denton has supported our efforts. Through the years, there have been boxing matches, relays, gospel concerts, our annual parades & softball tournaments, and so much more have unified us at least for a moment in time.

Thank You Volunteers

The Denton Juneteenth Committee is composited of volunteers who are residents of Denton County. This site is meant to inform the general public of updated events and relative information in regards to our annual celebration as well as provide means of education, motivation and reward.

Who are we looking for?

Super Efficient

People who are efficient are responsible with time and are committed to completing tasks.

Deeply Committed

We hope that joining our team means you have a deep personal desire to impact your community.

Highly Skilled

It is our desire to accept those who want to volunteer, but we also are seeking those with advance skills knowledge for the betterment of our community and organization.

Birdia Johnson

Vice Chair

Willie Hudspedth


Meredith Smith