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Check out our list of previous events. This years events will be updated soon

Dunking Booth: Splash into fun with our Dunking Booth! Guests have the chance to dunk local celebrities, teachers, or even their parents into a tank of water. Perfect for those looking to make a splash or get a little revenge—all in good spirits! Aim, throw, and watch them go down! Fun for all ages and a great way to cool off.

DJ Spin-Off Hosted by DJ Spinn Mo: Get ready for an electrifying DJ Spin-Off, hosted by none other than DJ Spinn Mo, the renowned radio personality from Watch as talented DJs showcase their originality and skills, spinning their best playlists in a spirited showcase of music and creativity. With DJ Spinn Mo at the helm, this event promises an unforgettable night where DJs will share their unique sounds and battle for the top spot in a friendly showcase. It’s not just about the competition; it’s a celebration of music, rhythm, and artistic expression. Join us for an evening of incredible beats and rhythms that will keep you dancing all night long.

Face Painting: Transform your look with our magical Face Painting station! Our skilled artists will turn your face into a canvas of imagination. Choose from a variety of designs, from fierce tigers to delicate butterflies, or let our artists surprise you with their creative flair. It’s not just painting; it’s an adventure on your face!

Dart Balloon: Aim, throw, and pop your way to victory with our Dart Balloon game! Test your accuracy by throwing darts at balloons pinned to a board. Each balloon hides a prize, so every participant is a winner. This classic carnival game brings excitement and a bit of challenge to participants of all ages.

Bounce House: Jump for joy in our Bounce House! Kids can bounce, flip, and play in this inflatable castle of fun. It’s the perfect place for children to burn off some energy and make new friends in a safe and monitored environment. Parents can relax as their little ones jump their hearts out.

Coloring Contest: Celebrate the rich history and achievements of African Americans through art in our Coloring Contest. Children are invited to color a picture of a famous African American figure and submit their artwork. It’s a wonderful way for youth to engage with history and express their creativity. Winners will have their artwork showcased and celebrated.

T-shirt Design Contest: Unleash your creativity in our T-shirt Design Contest. Design a T-shirt that reflects what Juneteenth means to you. Entries will be featured on our website, and the winning design will not only be showcased but also receive special recognition. Submit your design, a photo, and a brief description to enter the contest.

Gospel Night: Lift your spirits at our Gospel Night, featuring live performances by renowned gospel artists at Fred Moore Park. This uplifting event promises an evening of soul-stirring music and community celebration. Join us for an unforgettable night of praise and worship under the stars on June 14th.

Juneteenth Live: Experience the magic of Juneteenth from anywhere with Juneteenth Live, a prerecorded celebration featuring poets, dancers, and special guest performers. Choose your favorite venue, gather with loved ones, and join us in honoring this significant day through artistic expression and cultural performances.

Saturday Night Concert: Don’t miss our Saturday Night Concert on June 16th, where artists and guests from various genres will come together for a live performance. This diverse showcase of talent promises an evening filled with music, dance, and celebration. Come witness the vibrant expressions of our community in this musical extravaganza.

Art Exhibit Featuring Jedaiah Vann: Dive into the vivid world of Jedaiah Vann, a renowned artist from Oklahoma, at the Greater Denton Arts Council (GDAC). This exclusive exhibit showcases Vann’s unique blend of colors, textures, and storytelling through his breathtaking pieces. Experience art that speaks to the soul, and explore the themes that Vann passionately portrays. Open for a limited time, this exhibit offers a rare glimpse into the artist’s vision and technique.

Historic Preservation Workshop on Blacksmithing: Embark on a journey through time with our Historic Preservation Workshop, focused on the rich legacy of blacksmithing within Black history. This engaging workshop invites participants to explore the vital role blacksmiths played in shaping and sustaining communities, their craftsmanship, and their contribution to cultural heritage. Through hands-on demonstrations, expert-led discussions, and interactive sessions, attendees will gain a deeper appreciation of blacksmithing

Poetry Slam: Experience the power of spoken word at our Poetry Slam, a special gathering that celebrates Juneteenth through poetry. This non-competitive event welcomes poets to share pieces that reflect on freedom, history, and the ongoing journey towards equality. It’s a night for storytelling, reflection, and community, connecting us all through the rhythm and resonance of words. Join us for an inspiring evening dedicated to the themes of Juneteenth and the voices that bring them to life.

Historic Preservation Workshop on Blacksmithing: Dive into the rich legacy of blacksmithing in Black history through our engaging workshop. Participants will explore the significant role blacksmiths have played in community shaping, their exquisite craftsmanship, and their cultural contributions. With hands-on demonstrations and expert discussions, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of this traditional craft and its historical importance. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to connect with the past and appreciate the artistry and innovation of African American blacksmiths.